Do I Have to Take Out Supplementary Insurance for Osteopathy Treatments?

Whether and to what extent the billing of our osteopathy treatments is covered by your insurance without a supplementary insurance generally depends on your health insurance.

Private health insurances and supplementary health insurances cover the costs for osteopathy, for chiropractic, for physiotherapy, but also for medically necessary massages, lymph drainages and training therapies either completely or proportionally.

In principle, costs for osteopathy are only covered to a limited extent by the statutory health insurance funds. In the meantime, however, many statutory health insurers are contributing to an ever greater extent to the individual treatment costs—if certain conditions are met. These usually include the existence of a medical referral (private prescription osteopathy).

In any case, it is advisable to ask your health insurance company about the possibility of subsidies before making use of our osteopathic treatments, in order to be able to determine whether additional insurance is necessary. This is particularly useful if you wish to use our services regularly and frequently.

Is Osteopathy Treatment Only Available on Prescription?

That depends on whether you are privately or statutorily insured. If you have statutory health insurance, your health insurance company will usually only contribute to osteopathy treatment if it is provided on prescription. Privately insured persons, on the other hand, can also take advantage of treatment without a prescription. You will have to pay for the treatment in advance, but you can have your health insurance company reimburse you for all or part of the costs afterwards.

If you are privately insured, you can have the osteopathic treatment billed as Heilpraktikerleistungen (non-medical practitioner services) if this is part of your tariff. Our examinations as well as our osteopathic, physiotherapeutic and training-therapeutic services are billed on the basis of the Heilmittelkatalog, the Gebührenordnung für Heilpraktiker (GebüH) and according to the SOKAI price list.

The majority of statutory health insurance companies rely on a doctor’s prescription (private prescription) for osteopathy treatments. You must submit the prescription together with the invoice. Upon request, we will provide you with a personal treatment and cost plan for submission to your health insurance company.

In principle, treatment without a prescription is also possible. However, this also means that you must then bear the costs yourself in full.

As a Person with Statutory Health Insurance, Will I Receive Osteopathic Treatment on a Prescription?

No. Prescriptions for osteopathic treatments are exclusively private prescriptions. It is therefore not possible to obtain osteopathic treatment on a health insurance prescription. Since these treatments are generally private services, they usually have to be paid for by the patient. However, most statutory health insurance companies now cover at least part of the osteopathic treatment costs incurred.

First of all, you should in any case ask your statutory health insurance whether and to what extent reimbursement is possible at all. If the health insurance company covers a certain portion of the costs for your treatment, you can have a private prescription for osteopathy issued by your treating physician. You then submit this and our invoice to your health insurance company. Your health insurance will then usually reimburse at least a certain share of your osteopathic treatment bills.

What is a Medical Massage?

A medical massage is based on medical instructions and may only be performed by trained physiotherapists, masseurs and medical bath attendants, massage therapists and practitioners of alternative medicine (Heilpraktiker). It eliminates muscular tension, relieves overstrained tendons and ligaments, stimulates circulation and improves lymphatic flow.

At the SOKAI – Practice for Osteopathy, Physiotherapy & Massage, we select massage strokes from a variety of special massage forms and loosening techniques and use them to create our own massage choreographies. Our massage services include, for example, classic Swedish massage, fascia massage or reflex zone massage, which enjoys great popularity due to its particularly soothing effect.

All our medical massages are carried out on the basis of prescriptions for remedies (private prescription massage) or are arranged by our alternative practitioners (Heilpraktiker) after diagnosis, if medically necessary. Prior to the first medical massage, the causes of your symptoms are thoroughly determined and your medical history is also recorded in detail. Then the actual medical massages take place, their duration and frequency depending on the individual case of symptoms.