Manual Lymphatic Drainage in Frankfurt

Do you suffer from swellings, for example in your arms or legs? Manual lymphatic drainage in our private practice in Frankfurt can provide relief for this type of discomfort. In the process, the lymph vessels, which are responsible for one of the most important transport systems in the human body, are relieved with targeted massaging hand movements.

Make use of our manual lymphatic drainage in Frankfurt and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Decongestant, relaxing effect
  • Experienced medical staff with special additional qualifications for manual lymphatic drainage
  • Private practice with pleasant atmosphere centrally located in Frankfurt
  • Flexible appointment

A disorder of the lymph glands usually manifests itself in the fact that a swelling develops in a certain region of the body. Using special massage techniques, we ensure that such lymphatic congestion is relieved and that the lymph fluid can flow freely again. Our manual lymphatic drainage in Frankfurt can also provide relief from a variety of other physical complaints. For example, its use is said to strengthen the immune system, although this has not been scientifically proven. In manual lymphatic drainage, our physiotherapists in Frankfurt are gentle and considerate, so you will always experience the treatments as soothing and relaxing. Contact us if you want to benefit not only your body, but also yourself overall and as a whole.

Lymphatic Drainage for Swollen Legs in Frankfurt

Our legs consist, among others, of a large number of different natural tissue structures that are subjected to a great deal of daily stress. If the lymph flow is disturbed and a congestion of lymph fluid occurs, the affected part of the body swells. Such lymph congestion is relatively frequent, especially on the limbs. Manual lymphatic drainage by our specially trained staff ensures that your legs are supported in the transport of lymph fluid by gentle grip techniques in our practice in Frankfurt.

In some cases, regular manual lymphatic drainage on the legs is recommended in order to ensure the long-term ideal functioning of the lymphatic fluid transport. Through constant checks and treatments, we at SOKAI in Frankfurt can ensure that your legs will not lack anything for a long time to come.

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Lymphatic Massage with us in Frankfurt: Make Use of it and Ensure Holistic Physical and Mental Recovery

At SOKAI in Frankfurt, manual lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage is rarely performed as a single service, but is usually carried out in combination with other physiotherapeutic treatments. Thanks to this holistic and differentiated treatment, our guests are not only significantly relieved, but also completely relaxed, despite their discomforts that restrict their quality of life. We often get the feedback that our guests find the manual lymphatic drainage very beneficial and are able to relax pleasantly. By providing this ever considerate type of lymphatic massage, we ensure that your legs and your entire body always enjoy excellent and beneficial treatment at SOKAI in Frankfurt.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Your Arms in Frankfurt

The application of our manual lymphatic drainage is not only recommended for the legs, but also for the arms, because precisely there swellings form quite frequently that can be traced back to lymphatic congestion, which we treat at SOKAI in Frankfurt. Basically, lymphatic drainage both on the arms and on the whole body has specific purposes with us in Frankfurt: On the one hand, the lymph flow is to be decongested, but on the other hand, such treatments also serve to relieve pain and relax the muscles.

Furthermore, our lymphatic treatments can benefit not only variously ill patients, but also pregnant women, among whom lymphatic swellings are not unusual either. Visit our SOKAI – Practice for Osteopathy, Physiotherapy & Massage and enjoy the comfort we have to offer. You are welcome to book our services for this purpose not only by phone, but also online.

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